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The launch of a product

For the past 5 years, I have become increasingly interested in American manufacturing and purchasing American-made products.  In addition, I taught myself to sew - leading my friends to ask me to teach them how to sew or to help them mend their own clothes.  Most sewing kits found in stores are plastic, flimsy and disposable and it was hard to set up new sewers with the basics.  I dreamed of a compact sewing kit stocked with the essentials and handy how-tos. 

I began to pursue the idea of creating this kit, but sourcing all the notions from US manufacturers.  In my spare time I would perform searches for "sewing notions made in usa" and found those featured in the Kit.  I confirmed the country of origin with each company.  More and more companies have moved production overseas, and most of the large sewing notion companies have ceased production in the US altogether.  Some haven't and are completely transparent about their manufacturing process.  I was impressed by the customer service at Blumenthal-Lansing buttons, which sent me a custom spreadsheet indicating which of their buttons were still made at their US plant.

After sourcing, I began the design and production.  Next was creating an online marketplace - I chose Shopify mainly due to their easy-to-use templates, comprable merchant fees and low starter store plan - I probably won't ever have more than 25 items in the store. 

I hope to also sell these kits to stores interested in wholesale orders.  Please contact for pricing.

As I launch this product and this store, I am equally terrified that it will be a success or that it will be a failure.  Like most things, it will probably be neither. 

All orders placed prior to Friday, December 13 will be processed after January 3rd, 2014 due to the holidays.  Thanks for your patience.

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