About Us

I'm Emily, and I sew.

One day, I began thinking about how our society is moving quickly towards a "throwaway" culture.  I do a lot of mending of my own clothes and for friends and family. By creating a compact sewing kit with the essential items for basic repairs along with basic sewing how-tos, I could help others save their clothes from ending up in landfills. Another passion of mine is for American-made products - so I sourced almost every item in this kit from US inventors and manufacturers.  Each kit is assembled by hand in Northern California.
You support American workers and manufacturers by purchasing this kit.
Great American Sewing Kit is a product brought to you by Whipstitch Calico.
Whipstitch Calico, PO Box 514, Covelo, CA 95428; (707) 456-7780
Since 2011, the Great American Sewing Kit has sought to source American made products in a response to the outsourcing of many items to overseas factories. 
  • I do not support President Trump and am not associated with his America First policies. 
  • I believe that the diversity of this nation is what makes it great and support those who fight against his damaging and destructive rhetoric. 
  • I believe in a woman's right to choose and for equal rights for women. 
  • I believe in science and that climate change is a threat to our shared future. 
  • I believe in love and compassion. 
  • I believe that we can stand together to fight against the lies perpetrated by the Trump Administration.
Thanks to the Amplifier Foundation for this and other great images they created for the Women's March on January 21, 2016.