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100% Made in USA Means 100% Made in USA

I've been back from our trip (which was fun, despite getting the flu and no progress on finding distributors for the kit) for almost a month and now that I've caught up on everything else in my life - I'm focusing back in on the Great American Sewing Kit.  I started searching for "sewing kit made in usa" and was sad to find this site on Page 4.  I've heard the joke: "Q: Where do you hide something you don't want anyone to find? A: On the 4th page of Google results..."

So, I've been researching a lot about SEO and boosting your listings... and nothing has changed.

I downloaded the Shopify app to link to Google Shopping, hopefully that helps.  In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out other ways to get my message out there.

It's hard when I'm competing with products that claim to be made in the USA, but are simply assembled in the US from imported parts.

The Great American Sewing Kit is 100% Made in USA, which means every component (including the tin, packaging and the notions) are all manufactured in the United States.  Other kits claim to be made of American products, but the Great American Sewing Kit pledges that every item is 100% USA made - check out the map for details.  I order direct from the manufacturers, assemble them by hand in Covelo, CA and ship via USPS. 

I was saddened by two suppliers who claimed that their products were made in the USA on their website, but when they arrived, the product packaging contradicted their claims.  When contacted, they updated their listings, but it demonstrated that you can't trust everything you find on the Web!

If buying American is important to you and your family, be sure to confirm the origin of products with the manufacturer before purchase. Here's a handy Made in USA Grocery List to help you with navigating the supermarket.

And rest assured that the Great American Sewing Kit is 100% USA Made.


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