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The Sweet Home: "This kit is leagues ahead of the glut of mediocre travel kits out there."

Thanks to Christine Cyr Clisset and for their recent review and praise of the Great American Sewing Kit! 

Here's what she had to say:

The Great American Sewing Kit ($30) was the only other travel kit we tried that had high-quality tools and notions. Like our top pick, the Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair Kit, this kit comes in a sturdy tin and has two spools of thread (black and white). However, it also has a lot more needles (20) and buttons (11), a sturdier plastic measuring tape, and a needle threader. This kit’s 4-inch folding scissors are the best folding scissors we’ve ever tried. They smoothly collapse and expand, and they offer much more comfortable handling than the flimsy folding scissors included in the REI travel sewing kit.

The only real knock against this kit is that the notions tend to overcrowd the box (the buttons on paper cards, in particular, hog space). Every time we’ve closed this kit, thread from one of the spools has spilled out. We also weren’t convinced that the thimble dots—red plastic nubs meant to replace a regular metal thimble—were that useful. I immediately lost one and couldn’t get the remaining one to stick well on my finger. If we were to purchase this kit, we’d probably ditch the dots and string the buttons on some thin twine or a large bobby pin. Overall, though, this kit is leagues ahead of the glut of mediocre travel kits out there. The majority of the included tools and notions are made in the United States—thus the kit’s name.

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