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Spotlight on a Needle Manufacturer: Pony Needles

While searching for needle manufacturers to be featured in the Sewing Kit, I found Pony Needles, owned by Needle Industries (India) Private Limited.  Their factory is located in the mountains of South India in a town called Ooty at 2200 meters above sea level.  I hope to be able to include their hand sewing needles in the Kit and am working on getting distribution.  I like Pony Needles, not only because of their high standard for quality and their longevity (started as a British Corp. in 1949 and then transferring into Indian hands in the 1960s and 1970s), but because of their commitment to quality working conditions. Pony Needles has been certified to meet the SA 8000 standards for humane...

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Needles... continued!

I have been a bit busy with the rest of my life - but I'm trying to focus back in on my search for needles for the kit.  I've realized that there needs to be a nice selection of sharps - one needle is not enough!  I know there are still companies that take pride in the manufacturing process in both France and England and I am working hard on tracking down the suppliers.  If you order a kit now, you will receive both a Spiral Eye needle and a selection of John James Needles.  I hope to soon offer a nice collection of English made needles with each kit.  The kit won't be 100% US made anymore, but I...

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I've never thought this much about needles...

The Great American Sewing Kit contains the only needle still currently manufactured in the US.  It's awesome, requires no needle threader and works for a lot of sewing purposes.  It's not perfect for everything though - and can sometimes get tangled when using it for projects like sewing buttons.  Due to the high wholesale cost of each needle, I only include one needle in each kit.  This is not an ideal situation, as I realized while mending a button, dropping the needle, losing the needle and then not able to finish the project! I'm currently on the hunt for alternatives to include with future kits - I won't be able to use 100% Made in USA anymore, but this kit...

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100% Made in USA Means 100% Made in USA

I've been back from our trip (which was fun, despite getting the flu and no progress on finding distributors for the kit) for almost a month and now that I've caught up on everything else in my life - I'm focusing back in on the Great American Sewing Kit.  I started searching for "sewing kit made in usa" and was sad to find this site on Page 4.  I've heard the joke: "Q: Where do you hide something you don't want anyone to find? A: On the 4th page of Google results..." So, I've been researching a lot about SEO and boosting your listings... and nothing has changed. I downloaded the Shopify app to link to Google Shopping, hopefully that...

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Hello - Perhaps going on vacation immediately after launching a new product, right at prime holiday sales time, is not a good idea.  Oh well - off I go.  I am leaving today (December 16th and will return on December 31st).  I do have 10 sewing kits in my luggage - in the hopes of visiting some retail stores and finding a few wholesale buyers, and in case someone does decide to order a kit!  All other orders will be shipped on January 2nd.  Happy Holidays!

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